Photography Competition: $750 Prize Pool!

For our Summer 2012 edition, the top three winning contributors received cash prices totalling $500 courtesy of Rocky View County. The first-place winner also received a 24”x36” stretched-canvas print up to a value of $250, courtesy of Branded Visuals Inc.

The submission deadline for our Fall 2012 Photography Competition is Friday August 17, 2012.

All submissions may be used for future promotional purposes by Bragg Logo or Rocky View County although contributing photographers retain full rights over their submissions. By submitting your photographs, you agree to the usage terms and conditions as listed in our Full Competition Rules. The panel’s decision is final.

Gilles Korent – Juvenile Swainsons Hawk

Submission Checklist

High-resolution files only
We can receive most graphic formats to a max. size of 20 MB per email, with preference for standard JPG format.

Include a brief description
Please provide details about your photography submission, (eg. the location, description of the subject matter, the time of day, the season, etc.) Ideally provide this information in the file name, and remember to include your first and last name.

Bragg Creek and Kananaskis
Put simply, that’s all we’ll publish.

At right: Juvenile Swainson's Hawk
Photograph by Gilles Korent

Submit your Photographs now

Email to contribute@braggmag.comFull competition details and rules

Who is eligible to enter?

Anyone who is not deemed a "professional photographer." For the purposes of this competition, a "professional photographer" is defined as one whose primary source of income comes from the sale of their photography products or services. Exceptions apply: see below for full rules. We reserve the right to determine a contributor’s eligibility status.

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Prizes for the Fall 2012 Photography Competition will be selected by our panel and awarded as follows:

FIRST PLACE: $250 Cash & $250 voucher for Branded Visuals Inc.
THIRD PLACE: $100 Cash

We reserve the right to change the cash prizes to an equal value of sponsor vouchers at any time without notice.

Submit your Photographs now

Email to contribute@braggmag.comFull competition details and rules

Potential Subject Matter

Whether you're a resident or a visitor, we want to showcase Bragg Creek and K-Country as seen through your eyes.

Each issue favours seasonally relevant photographs that showcase the uniqueness and beauty of Bragg Creek and Kananaskis. However, we always welcome "out of season" photographs which we keep on file for use in future issues, so feel free to submit what you want, whenever you want:

• Local rivers, streams and lakes

• Plants and vegetation unique to the area

• Birds and animals

• Macro photography

• Heritage images – old homesteads

and structures

• The hamlet of Bragg Creek

• Kananaskis Country

• Historically relevant subject matter,

including residents (past and present)

• Skies…chinooks, rainbows, aurora borealis

If you would like to suggest a featured subject that is not listed above, email us at:

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Dr. Robert Berdan - Rafting in K-Country

Rafting in K-Country by Dr. Robert Berdan

Photograph Selection Process

Due to the large volume of images we receive, and the limitation of space available in our magazine, we cannot guarantee that your photograph will
be published and/or appear on this site.

Our selection process places precedence on:

• Composition

• Unique viewpoint

• Subject matter

• Image quality and clarity

• Image size – the bigger the better

• Relevance to a particular issue and/or theme

We are not always able to inform you whether your photograph has been selected for publication, but we do always credit the photographs we use within Bragg Logo and this website.

Get out, enjoy, and... remember your camera!

Get photography tips from our Featured Photographers

Submit your Photographs now

Email to contribute@braggmag.comFull competition details and rules

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