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This issue, we have a husband-and-wife team among the top three finalists of our Photography Competition. Anne Durocher-Weston is this issue’s winner for a beautifully composed landscape, while her husband Mark Durocher-Weston takes second place and Connor Schancel takes third.

Prizes were awarded in the form of cash and a gift voucher to Branded Visuals Inc.

For our Fall 2012 competition we will be continuing to partner with Rocky View County, and Branded Visuals Inc. to offer a total prize pool of $750 which will be shared between the first, second and third best competition contributions as selected by our panel.

Send in your contributions today. You could have already taken a winning photograph, but you can't win if you don't you send it in.

The submission deadline for our Fall 2012 Photography Competition is Friday August 17, 2012.
We reserve the right to change the Cash prizes to an equal value of Sponsor vouchers at any time without notice.
The panel’s decision is final.

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